Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Tooth Fairy must be Union

Yesterday was a no school day.. yay- for the kids. Not so much for mom. I woke up to a "knock and run" at the bedroom door at 7:00am (at least I got to sleep in 15 minutes) and this laying on the floor in the hall:

So mom throws on her robe and runs upstairs to find that she now has to clean the hallway carpets and the carpet in Madi's bedroom because Jake refuses to be potty trained. I could smack birth mom for putting a 2.5 year old in pull-ups cuz now at 3.5 he thinks they're for everyday "potty collection" and not just for accidents UGH!

Later in the afternoon Madi runs upstairs screaming "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!" thinking there must be a terror attack by the way she's screaming I run to the garage to grab our 72 hour kits only to be confronted by a teeny tiny piece of calcium commonly referred to as a lost tooth. She shoves it in front of me and says "Can we call Grandma Kandi?" Not sure whether to be relieved that we're not under fire or to duct tape her mouth for screaming bloody murder I just hand her the phone and walk away.
At bed last night mom convinces her to slide her tooth to the edge of the pillow so the tooth fairy can reach it instead of all the way under the pillow smothered by her head where it would be hard to get to. This morning I'm greeted at 6:45 by a very disappointed face and the same teeny tiny tooth from yesterday. I realize the tooth fairy didn't come last night. My smart child however, perks up and says "She must not work Martin Luther King Day"... Yeah honey, that's right.. The Tooth Fairy must be Union.


Teresa Farmer said...

That is hilarious! That sucks about the whole potty training thing. I am sure not looking forward to that with Gavin.

~*~Coy~*~ said...

The tooth fairy once received a note from my youngest daughter that said:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

You didn't come last night so you better give me two dollars.

PS Instead of two, give me six.

Kids are funny when it comes to the Tooth Fairy and holidays/vacations/accidental overlooks.

It's good to know I"m not the only one who has made this mistake. lol

Older and Wisor said...

Hey, at least it was only one day, not a WHOLE WEEK OF FORGETTING.
Seriously, there's my purse, go get some money out of my wallet. And you totally need to frame that note.

sarahlynn said...

that note = HILARIOUS. keep that thing forever. wow. i would die if i opened to the door to a note letting me know that there was potentially smears of poop all over my house. i would probably begin vommiting at that moment