Monday, June 28, 2010

Mommy's Rotation Vacation

I heard a great quote the other day, regarding the repeating difficulties of life "It never gets any easier, you just learn to get through it" It's hard to be without your better half and for the babies to be without dad for days upon days upon days. Let me tell you though, we LOVE having him home for a full week at a time after rotation! Most people get a few hours at night or a day or so on the weekend, but we get Jason for an entire uninterrupted week every month and we sure take advantage of it.

This last week we partook of many adventures- bbq'd at the park, went to Bridal Veil Falls, splashed in the water at The Grotto and took in the breathtaking views of Devil's Kitchen.

Most importantly we went to court where our petition for adoption of the kids was willingly granted! As of June 23, I am officially- legally- lawfully: A Mommy

Here are some of my favorite pics from our adventures last week-

Bridal Veil Trail with Dad

Hanging out with Mom on the dock-
avert your eyes from my blindingly white legs


All done- back from court

Utah Lake Overlook from Payson Canyon

Playing in the water at The Grotto- Payson Canyon

Crossing the river while hiking the Grotto Trail

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Oil Field Life @ The Rock

Forever West- That's the tourism slogan for the state of Wyoming. Dust and dirt cover every surface and from the streets you can almost hear the sound of hoofbeats and the crash of bottles against the barroom floor during the 15th fist fight of the night. Although those actual days are long gone, you'd never know it when you set foot in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Jason's new assignment is in this dusty western town and I took the kids up to visit overnight this week.

Time has brought the city street lights, WalMart and the lucrative Oil Field Business. There's good money in the field when the market is good and each single waitress and convenience store clerk in Rock Springs is looking for their meal ticket out of town. They know these guys spend weeks at a time away from home and on those lonely nights away they drink to excess and seek the company of women - any woman- who will give them the time of day. While many of these encounters stop with conversation; "Honey", "Darlin" & "Baby" are thrown around by these desperate girls like quarters bouncing out of a slot machine. The Rock - as Rock Springs is affectionately known to the crews- is also home to the World Famous Astro Lounge, a cheap strip club buried in the heart of historic downtown. I've seen the women in that city... I have no idea what these guys are paying to see.

They say the oil field is no place for a family man and with the atmosphere I've been exposed to, I can see why. However, I see my husband make it happen every day. He goes to work each morning, does his job superbly and comes back to the hotel. He spends a few minutes after work with the guys and makes sure to call home each night. The kids love being able to "see dad" on the computer when we Skype in the evening.

It's a rough life, being apart for weeks at a time, sometimes not knowing whether he's even going to get to call and seeing how exhausted he is at the end of the day. But it's far better than what some other families face. For now, I'm grateful that he's back within driving distance and that we can head out to see him at the drop of a hat. Yes, the oil field isn't for the feint of heart and they say it's not a family environment but to those who say that, I say you've never seen the bond of brotherhood between a crew and you've obviously never met my husband.