Monday, January 26, 2009

Cabinet Creations

Jason and I inherited my mom's old buffet from her kitchen and turned it into our new TV stand.
Mom's old buffet: Free
2 black bookcases from Wal-Mart: $50.00
Knowing my children can't reach to put their dirty little fingers on my $1200.00 plasma TV: Priceless
We had to take the doors off to put the components in, however and in a brief moment of insanity I told Jason to save them cuz I just might turn them into a craft project. He looked at me like he knew they'd end up in the garage with my thousand other unfinished projects but he put them aside last week anyway. Last night I pulled out some things I'd bought at Walmart this week along with the infamous doors

Jason even came and helped me

After about an hour we had turned some throw away doors and a couple cheap picture frames into a decorative wall display

Now, in all fairness I know my girlfriend Rebecca Wisor could have turned some cabinet doors and a stick of chewing gum into a rocket ship that's actually capable of reaching the moon, but under the circumstances (me being craftily challenged) this was the best I could do ;-)


Older and Wisor said...

Craftily Challenged???? NO Way girl - you got mad craftin' skills! I LOVE THEM! I'm not sure that I would've had any idea what to do with them ;) You bolted that buffet to the wall underneath, right? My little ones were notorious for climbing "up" furniture....just sayin'.

Ivylmnm said...

I think the doors look awesome. Great job! I am so impressed! I got your link from Vernal Moms. I hope you don't mind if I link to your blog! Your writing is so funny!!! Thanks, Ivy M

Teresa Farmer said...

You are so much more crafty that me. I would have never thought to do anything like that. I love how creative you are. I seriously look forward to reading your blog because you always come up with something new that you made.

Rebecca said...

Love the frames!! Love and miss you. I hope all is well