Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sounds Like Life to Me

Lake Winnepesaukah train ride-

June? Seriously I've been lacking in my blog posting- so lets do a top 10 of what's been going on-

1. We're potty training Gracie- armed with a little pink potty, a bag of princess pullups and a lot of patience

2. I took the kids + Meredith to the Chattanooga Zoo

3. I took the kids to Mayfield Dairy to see how milk is bottled and Ice Cream made, and of course we had to eat some Ice Cream too!

4. The kids started back to school (mom's favorite part of the summer)- Jake is in Pre-K full time so I only have 1 baby home all day.

5. Jason has taken up Geocaching as a hobby

6. I've read half a dozen books or more (Thank you Nora Roberts & Patricia Cornwell for your fabulous writing that keeps me up all hours of the night when I should be sleeping so I can get up in a better mood for my kids in the morning- Speaking of Patricia Cornwell, the infamous "Body Farm" is only about an hour away from me)

7. Job Hunting, Job Hunting, Job Hunting.... ick

8. I'm about 20% done with my billing & coding coursework

9. We moved- Again (for an explanation see #7)

10. I spent 8 days in the hospital- herniated bowel obstruction. It was scary but I'm better now.

11. (bonus)- The rains came down and the floods came up. We were not flooded but many we know were and the streets around us were.

This is not a lake. It's a several hundred acre GRASS park--- or it used to be grass before it was covered by water

Jason's mom's next door neighbor. That's a 5 foot fence

Nothing terribly exciting around here- Sounds like Life to me