Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hot, Humid, Gorgeous...

Did I mention Humid? Just a few words to describe our new home in Rossville, Georgia. I love being so close to Chattanooga and the Tennessee River and Chickamauga Battlefield and Walnut Street Bridge and RockCity and Ruby Falls and the Incline Railway.... there is loads to do around here, but it is SOOOO hot and humid. Luckily for us, Jack & Darla have a swimming pool and thanks to Grandma Ange the kids have a great water sprinkler toy that we have hooked up most everyday!

Jason and I are diligently job searching while Jake & Gracie adjust to sharing a bedroom. Madi loves that all her cousins are so close, I don't think I've seen her for more than 3 consecutive days since we've been here as she's always off staying the night with one cousin or another. School starts August 7th so only a few more weeks of summer for the kids and we'll all be back to our routine.

The babies are napping now and Jason took Madi fishing at the duck pond just a few blocks from the house so I could get some school work done, yet here I am blogging. I better go back to getting my education completed so I can find a job in the field I really want!

Here's a couple new pics of the babies, I can't believe Gracie is going to be TWO this week!!