Friday, January 30, 2009

Pockets in front- ties in the back

I hate those words. That means I have to put one of those stupid hospital gowns on.. and they are always so fashionable and easy to figure out... NOT. We were taken back at about 9:30am, prepped for sugery and I was home by 3pm. Felt pretty good yesterday... lots of good drugs. Today they've worn off and although I can blog (as if it requires SOO much effort) I'd rather die than have my tonsils removed ever again- good thing that's not an option eh? Here's some pics of yesterday's adventue

My Hilton-esque accomodations

Smiling cuz I have no idea what's in store

Pre-Op in my lovely gown. I can't believe I couldn't wear makeup, what a bunch of crap.
My life line to anestethic and demerol yesterday...Could they have used any more tape?
Sharing popsicles from the nurses with Daddy before mom's surgery. They told us Gracie probably couldn't come back because it's RSV season, but once they saw her little face they couldn't resist. She got popsicles and juice and even a pink stuffed snowman! I got my tonsils ripped out.. sheesh

Day 2- Confined to my chair downstairs blogging away


Older and Wisor said...

You poor baby! Does that mean all the ice cream you can eat? Or is that just the way they showed it on sitcoms?
And what the heck kind of sick-o diagram is that...with the knife and all. YUCK. Like everytime I gave birth and they asked if I wanted a mirror "to see." See what? There ain't nothing down there I want to see.

lambfamblog said...

Jackson says you need Star Wars to feel better!

Tiffani DeWitt said...

I hope you are feeling better. I am so sorry that I haven't been available to check on you. I am slacking in my sisterly duties. I promise once I get home and have some free time I will be sure to call you and check on you everyday! By the way.. even though you look like you feel like crap in that last picture with your glasses on.. I think you look pretty. Love you!!!!!!!!