Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh What A Night

Last night was bath night (YAY!) and I was just getting the kids to bed around 9 o'clock when there was knock at the door. It was our neighbor from across the street at the old house to inform me that the water main at the sprinklers had broken and was spewing water all over the front of the house. Fabulous! So leave Madi in charge, give her my cell number and head out the door to the house down the block. On my way out however, I slip on the ice I haven't bothered to pour ice melt on bust up my knee with a good case of cement road rash and sprain my ankle. But life must go on and water must go Off, so I continue on to the other house where the neighbors, the Bartons & I proceed to shovel a foot of snow off of over half the lawn to find the main water shut off. Luckily it was warm last night and we weren't doing it in a snowstorm.

But my poor husband called this morning to say it was indeed storming, blizzarding even in Silt, Colorado and he had to drive two hours to Grand Junction today. So I'm betting he won't be home until Saturday. I know it's been a horrible week for him.. 18-20 hour days, rigging up-rigging down, blizzards, heavy physical work he has been out of for six months and just got thrown back into... so I decided that he needed something fun to come home to and this is what my not-so-creative self came up with:

Cheesy? Yeah. But who doesn't need a little cheese now and then after a long week. I think it'll make him smile.


BeatlesDiva said...

Silt, Colorado?!? OMG! I have friends there. I didn't think anyone else knew where that was.

Older and Wisor said...

I know something else that might make him smile....