Friday, January 16, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho Remodeling we will go...

Our new home has two finished bathrooms upstairs which is great for guests and the kids. However, our bedroom is downstairs. Great news though, we too have a bathroom- kind of.

This is our current downstairs bathroom and I'm chomping at the bit to get it finished. Certainly it's functional for some things.. but the lack of sink & shower leave something to be desired. It's going to be several months but already I'm in the pricing and planning stages. We plan to do most of the work ourselves and by "ourselves" I mean, Jason. If he lets me do it we'd probably end up with a bathroom like this:

Now of course my dream bathroom is on just a little different plane than the one above. It looks more like this:
As if Jason would ever in a million years live with a princess powder room. Plus our last name is Hays not Rockefeller and the room above is the size of my entire downstairs. So coming back from my sleep deprived delusions of grandeur we'll settle for something more like this:
Can't be THAT hard, right? I'll let you know in the coming months!


BrieAnn and Brad said...

I understand your pain! When we were remodeling my grandparents basement our bathroom wasn't finished just yet, and so I got to find my way upstairs in the middle of the night when I had that urge...and since I was pregnant it was a couple of times a night. But once it's done, you'll never enjoy a bathroom so much...maybe it make it worth it? Still not quite sure on that front.

Older and Wisor said...

I would've moved my mattress upstairs already. A toilet is a good start though...and if the plumbing is already there that's half the job. Good luck.