Friday, October 31, 2008


So I have a little bit of a fetish for Halloween... Hence the costumes for Jason & I, pumpkin carving, and the reigning cubicle decorating champion at Fieldstone Homes. This year I stole a little tradition from my mom's friend Kristi and decided to do a Halloween breakfast for the kids. The table was set with Halloween placemats, halloween plates, skeleton hand goblets, plastic spiders and even plastic vampire teeth. Our breakfast treats were "Monster Gut Orange Pancakes", "bleeding brains (green eggs & ketchup)" and "bloody punch (orange juice with red food coloring)" Both Jake & Madi thought it was super cool and it was definately a fun start to our Halloween festivities today. We're off to trunk or treat with the ward at 5:30 and even Jason is getting into the spirit by taking a strobe light, pumpkins and the fog machine to pass out Candy from the truck.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


October is a busy month for us with 5 birthdays in the immediate & extended family as well as Halloween. My 29th birthday was on the 28th and we celebrated complete with cake and ice cream thanks to my sweet husband-to-be.

My awesome Tinkerbell Cake, Jason went and ordered it all by himself

The beautiful roses delivered to me from Jason & the kids

Us on my 29th BDay

In the midst of the busy season we did manage to take a little time out to "celebrate" Halloween by carving pumpkins. The kids thought it was great fun to make a mess all over the kitchen table and squish around the pumpkin 'guts'. Jason, on the other hand, took a different approach to pumpkin carving this year....

Sawzall pumpkin carving... Look at Madi's face.. she's saying "Honestly Dad.. sheesh" While I admit it did get the job done to get the top off, it wasn't practical for any actual pumpkin carving. He resorted to the old fashioned plastic saw.

Jason drawing a face on his pumpkin after putting the power tools away.

Jake and dad carving Jake's pumpkin

Me helping Jake draw on his face

Jason, Madi and Jake pumpkin carving

Our little family of pumpkins in the light

Pumpkin Family all lit up

Jason's Vampire Pumpkin

Jake's toothy grin pumpkin

Brandi's spider web pumpkin

Madi's Silly Grin Pumpkin

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time Flies...

Why do I feel like life just gets crazier every day? Maybe it does.. or maybe we just have alot on our plate right now. I just haven't found time to sit down and blog lately so I'll try and catch up on the reader's digest version of things now.

Rollin' into Tennessee

Jason and I took off a week to Georgia and Tennessee to go meet his family. We left the kids with Steve & Angela and went flew down just the two of us. I now understand why he misses it so much sometimes. It's absolutely beautiful there, just green and lush everywhere you look and for the history buff in me, it's a fascinating place.

Cruisin' down the street

Green trees as far as eye can see

We spent one full day just doing all the things WE wanted to do. We went to Rock City and Point Park and Chickamauga Battlefield and rode the Incline Railway and went to Hamilton Place Mall and the Tennesse Aquarium , visited the Southern Belle Riverboat and even went to the Corn Maze.

On Saturday we had a family BBQ at the park where I got to meet all the brothers & sisters, aunts, uncles & cousins. His family is amazing. Really down to earth, good Southern Folks. The six days we were there just flew by and before we knew it we were leaving behind the gorgeous 75 degree weather and headed back to the wintry 40 degrees in Utah.

Monuments at Chickamauga Battlefield. 34000 people died on this hallowed piece of ground. The bloodiest battle of the civil war was faught here.

Cannons and monuments at Chickamauga

Awww... so cute.

Rock City Gardens

Riding the Incline Railway

The 72% grade of the Incline Railway straight to the top of Lookout Mountain

Petting the stingrays at the TN Aquarium. That water was FREEZING!!

Don't Fall in!

Brittany (Skipper's Daughter), Shelby (Jamie's Daughter), Mikey (Skipper's Son), Me & Jason at the Tennessee Aquarium

Shark Divers at TN Aquarium. The kids loved this, they could ask questions while the divers were in the tank.

A Real Southern Belle

Southern Belle Riverboat

Downtown Chattanooga as viewed from Point Park

Civil War Memorabilia at the museum at Point Park

Jason trying to read the clues for which way to go in the corn maze

Brrrrr... look at our pink cheeks at the corn maze

On Saturday the 25th we attended the Workman Family Annual Halloween party. Jason wasn't sure he wanted to dress up but when I found the pirate costumes in Provo I just couldn't resist. We all went to Canton City Chinese Restaurant in Vernal and had a great time seeing everyone! Well off to Wal-Mart to get pumpkins to carve for tonight. Take a look at our pics from the Halloween Party!

My little Madi Geisha

Jason's crazy pirate face and my little Gracie geisha.

A more subdued pirate

SpiderJake... ah... SpiderMan

My little costumed family

PirateGirl... or 80's girl.. what's with that headband anyway?

As a final note- Jason and I went and got our marriage license on Monday... one day before my 29th birthday so for all of posterity to read, I was only 28 when we got married MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Alright so if they look at the date they'll realize I was 29, but hey a girl can dream right?