Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sew Scrappy

Now that life has settled into a bit of a routine since the wedding is over.. the tonsils have been removed etc etc. I thought it was time to get to doing some "crafty" things- like scrapbooking my zillion pictures and learning to actually use the sewing machine that's been sitting in the closet for almost two years.

So I found a spot I thought would work. The storage room downstairs. Haul the table down, get the sewing machine out- only to find out the one outlet in the room doesn't even work

So on to plan B-
See that spot where the dresser is? Great wall for a craft spot .. but first
I had to tackle these dishes:

Then the bed needed to be made-

And this mountain of laundry put away-

Then it was lunch time- Leftover Beef Stroganoff (the picture isn't great but trust me its delicious)

After lunch it was naptime-
(Apparently the bed wasn't good enough- see how she surrounded herself with toys... fell asleep playing after I'd put her in bed)

Time for mom to catch up on some of her favorite blogs-
By this time Madi was home from school and it was time to get dinner started, then baths, jammies, brush teeth, family prayer & bed.. WHEW!! A full day. And just for kicks here is a great article about what Stay at Home moms do all day.

See what time it is? (mental note- fix the date on the camera)

And NOW I can begin my project- or Jason can anyway:

After about an hour, a can of black spray paint and some baby food jars collected from I have My "Sew Scrappy Craft Area"

I even put it to use to make my first sewing project- a one yard apron.

It's not much, but I'm pretty proud of it and I can't wait to see what other great things come from this Sew Scrappy table!


Tiffani DeWitt said...

That turned out great. It's the perfect length too for when the kids come up to youwith grubby hands.

Rebecca said...

That is a great space! Your Hubby is very handy.

sarahlynn said...

youre so cute. i loved that whole play by play. my fav pic is gracie sleeping on the floor in her toy pile.

Ivylmnm said...

You are awesome! Did you get any sleep that night? Great crafty area and I am impressed with the baby food jars. Cute!