Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 Things

How is it that things seem to come in 3's? It's been said that celebrities pass away in 3's. I have 3 children, my children have 3 parents, we have 3 cars and today I have 3 things to blog about... go figure.

1.) Valentine's Day...ahhh another Hallmark Holiday made up to sucker millions of people out of their hard earned money for $150.00 flowers that will be $9.95 on February 15th and still be dead by February 20th. Valentine's Day at our house came from Sears -in the form of a ratcheting wrench set for Jason (romantic huh? lol) and the Dollar Tree - in the form of inexpensive decorations, candy & toys for the kids. I made pink heart shaped waffles for breakfast and the kids thought it was great. Here's a peek at what our table looked like for

2.) Redneck Baby Gates

What the heck are you talking about? you ask. Jason and I discovered last night- after two months of freezing in our room every night, that the heating system was installed in our bedroom but not actually hooked up to the unit. We have a weird heat pump system that heats the house by pumping hot water through the baseboard units and we're not sure how to fix it. Our answer in the meantime is to keep the bedroom door open during the day so that the room stays semi-warm with the heat from the rest of the house.

The dilemma: How to keep Gracie (the main culprit) from destroying the room as has oft been the case when the door is open.
Answer: Redneck Baby Gate

My plastic roller cart from the downstairs bathroom and the garbage can from my laundry room. Yes I could've shelled out 22 bucks for a "real" baby gate at Wal-Mart today, but seriously 22 bucks? Butter is on sale at Smith's for 1.49/lb. Do you know how much butter I could stock up on for 22 bucks? But I digress... This is my current answer to the Gracie dilemma and hopefully I'll no longer have to chip the icecicles off my face to kiss my husband goodnight.
3.) We have a family of 5... that means 5 times the laundry I had to do when I was single.. and I had a fully stocked walk-in closet of my own. So if I'm gonna do that much laundry, it's at least going to be in a place I don't dread. Hence my decorated laundry room.... the only room in the house that is totally decorated LOL

It started with this border I found on clearance for 50 cents at Lowe's. A little country? Perhaps. Pretty cheesy? Yeah. But its a laundry room not a Jackson Pollock.
Some $2.00 clothesline, a $1.50 bag of wooden clothes pins & a bundle of $3.00 dishrags and I have this adorable window treatment. The window only looks at the basement window well in the backyard, so it didn't need to be functional, just cute. I bought the supplies but Jason "designed" and hung the window treatments. (told you he could decorate in the last blog posting didn't I?)
So that's it for today. Great things come in three's and right now two of my children are taking a nap... better go take one myself so that will make 3.


Older and Wisor said...

Glad your trash can is from the LAUNDRY room, not the BATH room. Otherwise your little one might be found walking around with a (USED!!!!) plastic tampons applicator in her mouth like a sucker. I so wish that was only hypothetical.

And although I do love the washclothes, I think that you should hang a blown up photo of your man a la George Castanza and the one hour photo portrait. Hmmm....that gives me an idea....

sarahlynn said...

brandi i love you! you are so cute and i love your blogs and all the cute things you do for your family. u are so sweet and fun and goofy and creative! and i cracked up at your redneck babygate. hilarious.