Friday, October 31, 2008


So I have a little bit of a fetish for Halloween... Hence the costumes for Jason & I, pumpkin carving, and the reigning cubicle decorating champion at Fieldstone Homes. This year I stole a little tradition from my mom's friend Kristi and decided to do a Halloween breakfast for the kids. The table was set with Halloween placemats, halloween plates, skeleton hand goblets, plastic spiders and even plastic vampire teeth. Our breakfast treats were "Monster Gut Orange Pancakes", "bleeding brains (green eggs & ketchup)" and "bloody punch (orange juice with red food coloring)" Both Jake & Madi thought it was super cool and it was definately a fun start to our Halloween festivities today. We're off to trunk or treat with the ward at 5:30 and even Jason is getting into the spirit by taking a strobe light, pumpkins and the fog machine to pass out Candy from the truck.

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youve been tagged! and post more!! i love stalking u