Thursday, October 30, 2008


October is a busy month for us with 5 birthdays in the immediate & extended family as well as Halloween. My 29th birthday was on the 28th and we celebrated complete with cake and ice cream thanks to my sweet husband-to-be.

My awesome Tinkerbell Cake, Jason went and ordered it all by himself

The beautiful roses delivered to me from Jason & the kids

Us on my 29th BDay

In the midst of the busy season we did manage to take a little time out to "celebrate" Halloween by carving pumpkins. The kids thought it was great fun to make a mess all over the kitchen table and squish around the pumpkin 'guts'. Jason, on the other hand, took a different approach to pumpkin carving this year....

Sawzall pumpkin carving... Look at Madi's face.. she's saying "Honestly Dad.. sheesh" While I admit it did get the job done to get the top off, it wasn't practical for any actual pumpkin carving. He resorted to the old fashioned plastic saw.

Jason drawing a face on his pumpkin after putting the power tools away.

Jake and dad carving Jake's pumpkin

Me helping Jake draw on his face

Jason, Madi and Jake pumpkin carving

Our little family of pumpkins in the light

Pumpkin Family all lit up

Jason's Vampire Pumpkin

Jake's toothy grin pumpkin

Brandi's spider web pumpkin

Madi's Silly Grin Pumpkin


The Farmers said...

Those pumpkins are so cute!! You guys all did such a great job!

BeatlesDiva said...

Good to find your blog! Looks like you had a great birthday. Keep in touch and don't be a stranger :-P