Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a weekend!

Weddings can be budget busting and the bridal gowns a huge part of that. So to help pay for mine, I decided to have a yard sale to get rid of all the extraneous items I would no longer need when combining households.

We packed the kids up Friday night and drove down to Cedar Hills to spend the weekend with my parents. Grandma Kandi had the kid room all set up with sleeping bags and pillows & blankets. She even brought in the TV & VCR so they could watch Charlotte's Web.

Saturday morning we unloaded everything into the driveway and turned the yard sale over to Tiffani the yard sale Diva. By 2 o'clock when we closed up shop, we had made over $500! That was a great big help in paying off the dress. Jason and I got a night out without the youngin's that night as they stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. We went to the Mayan Restaurant in Salt Lake City and had great steak & mexican food and watched the awesome cliff divers. Then we cruised to downtown and walked around Temple Square. I hadn't been there since last Christmas. It's beautiful to see in the Fall.

Dad took Jason to Cabela's on Saturday after they went and got fitted for Tuxes. Now he's hooked and had to go back each day we were down there. We came home with bags full of Cabela's gear.. hats and shirts and even camoflauge winter coats for the kids. He was like a kid in a candy shop.

Gracie got a new pair of Disney Princess sneakers this week and she just loves them.

Madi is excited about putting in a book order and is selling cookies for a school fundraiser. If we haven't called you to order yet... wait by the phone LOL.

Jake is learning all about seasons in pre-school this week and brought home a fun picture today where he had glued leaves of varying colors on a tree.

Time for me to go get dinner started and change the laundry and help Madi finish her homework and......


lambfamblog said...

Okay, so Jason has officially been indoctrinated with Cabela's. He looks like the kind of guy that has been ordering from them for years. We are very happy for the two of you. Wedding planning is so exciting. I’m sad I probably won’t be there to enjoy the festivities but it sure is fun hearing about them. 300 jars of jam!!!!! That, my friend, is an undertaking. Please feel free to link to our family site. Love you all!

muchwisor said...

WHAT THE FREAK MAN???? You can't be linking to my blog and not even telling me that you have one of your own. Or that you're married! Or that you have a bunch o' kids!! (and didn't have to give birth...now I REALLY hate you!) Your Mom left a comment on my blog awhile back, but not an email address or link to get a hold of her...such a stinker. She said that you were engaged, but holy cow! Where does the time go?
Can I just say that you look fabulous!! Just in time to get married and enjoy it (wink wink). You better give me the full scoop or you are in BIG TROUBLE!!